data scientist interested in politics, philosophy, behavioral economics, collaborative innovation, (digital) cooperation and negotiation


I am working as a consultant for one of the biggest german e-commerce companies


about this blog

Most of the stuff I learned not only about about statistics and programming but also about philosophy, economics and the social sciences in the last twelve years, I’ve got from the web. Blog articles motivated me to switch to a linux based operating system, to learn R, to write my papers with Latex and to enter the wonderful world of emacs. PHP, SQL, PYTHON, it all started with free accessible online articles. Sources, such as Stack Overflow, Wikipedia, tutorials.de, ubuntuusers, R-bloggers, or the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, significantly changed the way I gather information, the way I study and the way I write and visualize. After having greatly benefited from hundreds of free tutorials and (forum) comments, it might be time to offer at least some of the little code snippets I use, to others.

Social Networking dominates the way we communicate, nevertheless blogging to me still seems to be the best way to share knowledge and opinions longer than 140 token.

Please feel free to get in touch by email at hallo@dominikhattrup.de


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